Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Performance Thus Far

Jupiter Signals went live with signals in June. They were opened up to the public via in the beginning of August. Most unfortunately, August was a very bad month for me, and from what I understand for a lot of people as well. It's all well and good posting charts of the trade that was, but I thought I would post the results so far.

August was quite a volatile month, and as FX traders we love volatility. Unfortunately as a divergence trader, it meant some very strong continuous trends. Divergence forming does not always mean that a retracement or trend reversal will occur right there and then. In some cases Divergence will be flagged as much as three times before the retracement/trend reversal occurs. System trading is about having a systemand sticking to it, even in the face of losses. A lot of the August (and September) losses were due to the low frequency of calls to losses.

Anyway, here is the progress thus far.

This is in no way intended to be boasting, simply publicising the results.

September, my goodness, I almost denounced my nationality over the AussieYen. VERY mediocre performance mostly due to it being in very tight ranges. Perfect for the scalpers among us. On the last day of September the market gave me some nasty losses on this pair driving it to -300pips for the month. Brining the over all service month from 800 pips down to 500 pips over all. OUCH!

Even now, as I write this, the bloody AussieYen is trying to see how narrow it can get.

We are entering some very historical times now with the USD so low. It will be interesting to see where we go from here.