Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Few Changes

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates. I have been having some writer's block.

If you venture to the home site, you will notice that we are changing the layout a little. I am sure we will make some more changes as we progress. I don't have any definite information yet, but I have heard that there may be some more products coming your way in the not so distant future. Variety is the spice of life after all!

We started this service with the honest intention of helping traders out there add to their portfolios. In the realm of internet businesses, we are trying to find the ideal price for our subscribers. When Jupiter was tested, and in the first month of live, we were seeing in excess of 1000pips per pair. 2009 was a difficult year, and the reality is, Jupiter did not perform at that high rate of return. Performance was still very acceptable, but not what we had seen in past results. It would not be fair to our subscribers to continue with the originally planned and as such, you will see a new pricing structure for Jupiter Signals.

You can now receive signals for all THREE pairs as opposed to each individually. To be honest, this takes a load off my shoulders as well. When you take a trading strategy live to paying subscribers, there is always a nagging pressure to perform. And this can sometimes work against you.

So now, all three are one package and for a drastically reduced price. We have already seen within the first 2 weeks of January, up to 1265 pips!!!! Unfortunately, Friday morning (22nd) I got Obamafied, and we got knocked out with a huge spike down. But still, overall performance for Jupiter is at 980pips!!!

Still a week to go!

January also sees us go Live with PLUTO SIGNALS. And I really don't know what to say here. I could NOT pick a winner! The market would move to our entry...hit it...and then immediately race to our stops. My biggest surprise here is not having losers. Losers are part of trading. But this many CONSECUTIVE losing trades????? I offer my humblest apologies to our subscribers of this service.

Pluto currently stands at -140 pips. Considering we have had over 20calls, that's not too bad a loss. Still, no service should have a loser on its first month. T.T