Friday, November 27, 2009

November 2009 Update

Hello all.

Well, it's been a tough month for me. I am the bearer of bad news for this month as we finish the month with a loss. Please find the details as per below. I do realise we still have Monday. I will naturally amend this if we get a trade call for Monday.

AussieYen :   -270
PoundYen :   -60
EuroYen :     -70
Jupiter Total : -400

Pluto :  +210

Biggest issues with this month have been the few number of calls to the number of losing trades among therein. We actually had quite a few break even trades, which is good for risk aversion for trades that didn't make it as far as the first target.

We contributed to our losses with stops being a little too close, so in situations where divergence trades don't follow through on the first entry signal, but follow through on the second instead. A little frustrating in hindsight, but stop losses are there for just that, stopping (further) losses. A lot of the secondary opportunities were unfortunately during late NY time (early AM Japan Time).

Here's chart example of what I mean. Now I didn't use stochastics at the time. Had I have had them it would have clearly led me to better entry *refer to the orange arrow). Indicators, however, are never always correct. I don't normally use stochastics because they can sometimes provide a little too many false signals for the system I am using. And times like this.....they can save me :)