Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quiet Month

As we draw closer to Christmas, we are seeing fewer signals for the month of December. With a lot of major overseas players taking holidays around this Christmas period, we are seeing a lot of liquidity leave the markets, and a lot of whipsaw movement in tighter ranges.

Here is a current progress report thus far for December. Naturally if we get a trade signal between now and the end of the month, good or bad, these results will change.

Jupiter Signals :
GBPJPY :   +5 (from -175)
EURJPY :   +99 (from -150)
AUDJPY :   +350 (steady performer all month)
Total : +454

Pluto Signals :
+ 190

Although I shall continue to monitor the charts, I am not expecting too many more trades for hte rest of the month. If between now and then there none, please allow me this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays). May you enjoy time with family and loved ones, and have a safe end of year/new year.